Grit Rising Podcast

Collaborative enhancement of the Grit Rising Podcast through professional audio and video production services, leading to an improved podcasting experience and broader audience reach.

Improving a great story with video production

Vision 360 Media transformed the Grit Rising Podcast from an audio-only format to an engaging video podcast series. By filming in Trent Bryson's office, we captured the essence of each conversation with multi-angle video, audio, and lighting setups, propelling the podcast into a multi-dimensional digital experience.

Our collaboration with Grit Rising Podcast introduced a dynamic video element to Trent Bryson's insightful conversations. By equipping Trent's office with professional video, audio, and lighting, we established a versatile setup that could adapt from three up to four angles, depending on the episode's needs. This visual expansion allowed the podcast to not only share its stories through sound but also through captivating visuals that draw the viewer in.

The transition to a video podcast opened up new avenues for content distribution. We capitalized on the power of short-form content by extracting compelling moments from each episode to create reels. These snippets, perfect for sharing on Instagram, YouTube shorts, and LinkedIn, not only amplified the podcast's reach but also highlighted the most engaging segments, making the Grit Rising Podcast a staple for both auditory and visual listeners.

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Short-form Video Content

Long-form Video Content