Vision 360 media

Where It All Began

The Birth of Vision 360 Media

It all started in 2020 with a drone and a hand-me-down iMac computer, as well as free time due to the global pandemic. Creating videos with Iteration after iteration gave the realization that it was time to start a business to help companies in Long Beach and Southern California with their digital marketing.

The ascent

The Present Is Bright

Fast forward to 2024, Vision 360 Media is in full throttle, leveling up to unprecedented heights. With a brand new video studio and office in the heart of Signal Hill, we are aligned to deliver the most value to our clients.

The future

Dreaming Beyond Boundaries

We started with humble steps but who's to say the sky isn't just the beginning? Vision 360 Media embraces the spirit of giants, where making ripples isn't enough — we're here to create waves. Envision a future where digital marketing and technological innovation intersect with the audacity of space explorers. Inspired by visionaries like Jeff Bezos and the boundless potential of O'Neill colonies, we're not just following trends; we're creating the future.

Creating History

Hard work beats talent / persistence creates skill

Uncovering Needs, Igniting Ideas

It all started in 2020 — Vision 360 Media was born out of a simple, real-deal realization: local businesses were really looking for some marketing magic.

Passionate Creation, Value Addiction

Year two was all about getting our hands dirty and falling in love with the game — from crafting videos that tell a story to spinning up websites that click.

Team Growth, Talent Discovery

Growth? That was 2022 for us. Learned a ton about team vibes, finding folks who weren't just resume-ready but really ready to ride the wave with us.

Consistency Breeds Breakthrough

Then came 2023, our breakthrough 'keep at it' year, where sticking to the grind turned into real wins for our clients — consistency was king.

Systems Set, Scaling Success

Now, it's '24, and we're all about leveling up. Got our gears in sync with systems that mean business, all to help more brands hit their stride and then some.

Case Studies

Some of Our client Work

Don't Be Boring

A Brand's Journey from Concept to E-Commerce Reality
Case Study

Grit Rising Podcast

Improving a great story with video production
Case Study

Choura Events

Vision 360 Media's Collaborative Journey with Choura
Case Study

Sharon Amarantos

Personalized Video Strategy for a Personalized Service
Case Study

NWF Advisory

A Comprehensive Digital Overhaul
Case Study

Boathouse on the Bay

Revitalizing Boathouse on the Bay’s Digital Presence
Case Study