Choura Events

Highlighting the impressive work of creating some of the world's largest outdoor events.

Vision 360 Media's Collaborative Journey with Choura

Choura is known for building impressive temporary outdoor environments, from music festivals to sporting events and brand activations, primarily in the Western United States spanning across the California coast, all the way to Las Vegas, and beyond. Clients choose Choura for their reputation in innovation and their extensive range of large tented structures.

Our partnership with Choura began in early 2022, focusing on creating social media videos to showcase their varied events and projects. As our relationship grew, so did our understanding of Choura's broader digital needs. We expanded our support to include enhancing their presence on Instagram and LinkedIn, creating diverse video content, and boosting their website through SEO services.

Recognizing the close link between founder Ryan Choura's personal brand and the company, we tailored video content to highlight both the innovative structures Choura creates and the visionary behind them. Our aim was to reflect the scale and creativity of Choura's projects, positioning them as the go-to for spectacular outdoor events.

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