• Jared Taylor

How to build a small town business

Here are 3 easy steps to help build your small town business into a thriving staple of the community

Being a small business owner myself, I've seen countless thrift stores, boutiques, and coffee shops go in and out of our community. They all think because they're on the main strip with plenty of foot traffic in the area that people will just waltz in their door... sorry to tell you Jane but that's NOT how it works.

1. Join the Community

Join the Chamber of Commerce... Let me say this again... JOIN THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. They have the ability to connect you with the right people to boost your business in the community. Attend their meetings, network with other business owners, and start establishing yourself within the community.

2. Give More Than You Take

Ever heard of the phrase "Give and you shall receive."? Not only does this work in life, it can work wonders for your business. Don't be afraid of giveaways and discounts especially if you're new in the community. Once you follow step 1, setup a grand opening and announce giveaways to the first customers in your door. The results will shock you, and your doors will be flooded with people.

3. Social Media & Website

In our opinion this is the most important step and let me tell you why. Small businesses have been blessed with this beautiful creation called social media and the internet. But... with great power comes great responsibility(RIP Stan Lee). We now have the ability to sell, target, and connect with people worldwide thanks to the internet and social media. This means that your little boutique in Buford, Wyoming (smallest town in America, population 2) is now connected and can profit from 4.5 billion people on the internet. So I'd wager that having a presence online is a good investment for your business.

Need help with setting up a website or social media account? Well you're in luck because Taylor Media Works can fix you up in a jiffy. (shameless plug)